We are thrilled to declare that the ASOCIO 2023 ICT Awards are now accepting submissions! These prestigious awards aim to recognize outstanding accomplishments in the utilization and implementation of digital technologies. We invite individuals, academic institutions, corporations, NGOs, and governments to participate and showcase their remarkable achievements in the following categories. Interested parties are encouraged to contact ASOCIO Member Economies for nominations.

ASOCIO Outstanding Tech
Company Award
  1. Legally registered local companies with tehnology related lines of business.
  2. Proven developing market and innovative products, applications or technology focusing on Blockchain, IoT, AI, Robotics, Big Data & Cloud based solutions.
  3. A market leader or model of the industry providing outstanding technology solutions and services that benefits large number of users.
ASOCIO Digital
Transformation Award
  1. Legally registered local companies or government corporations.
  2. Digitally transformed the organization's culture, processes, and operations while ensuring scalability, security, data privacy, compliance and adaptability of the solution besides offering a potential or actual positive impact on society, such as job creation, environmental sustainability, or community development.
  3. Demonstrated great creativity and originality in the use of emerging technologies and new business models that improved efficiency, increased revenue and enhanced customer experience including ease of use, accessibility and personalization that aligns with the organization's overall vision and strategic goals.
ASOCIO Digital
Government Award
  1. Implement digital strategies and solutions to significantly improve the service quality to citizens in measurable terms and in public services areas.
  2. Applying technology to providing ethical and transparent government services to enhance integrity and social justice.
  3. Deploys digital services to significantly empower the education, social welfare and public health of citizens.
  4. Deploys well recognized applications in key smart city areas.
EdTech Award
  1. Legally registered technology education related organization, including universities, colleges, talent development institutes or companies.
  2. Achievements in technology courseware design, development and training methodologies focusing on Blockchain, IoT, AI, Robotics, Big Data, Cybersecurity & Cloud based solutions.
  3. Outstanding achievements in digital talent training, work and study programs to help students gain practical experience in related areas.
HealthTech Award
  1. Legally registered company or government agency involved in the provision of medical services.
  2. Achievements in addressing healthcare concerns for the betterment of the people.
  3. Outstanding achievements in the use of technology in the healthcare sector such as hospitals, healthcare facilities, public health programs and community health initiatives.
Cybersecurity Award
  1. Legally registered local companies with Tech related lines of business.
  2. Developed product and/or service which is already a success in the market and disrupting the industry with an innovative approach.
  3. The startup must be maximum 5 years of age (calculated from establishment date).
ESG Award
  1. Implement strategies and solutions to significantly reduce impact on nature, improve equity and promote good governance.
  2. Applying a proven system used to measure the ethical and sustainable impact of an investment in a company or business.
Start-Up Award
  1. Legally registered local companies with Tech related lines of business.
  2. Developed product and/or service which is already a success in the market and disrupting the industry with an innovative approach.
    The startup must be maximum 5 years of age (calculated from establishment date).
ASOCIO 2023 ICT Award is now open for nomination by 04 Aug. Please contact your representative member for further information.
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Winner list

Outstanding Tech Company Award

1.Hitachi Solutions Ltd, & Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd.  Japan
2.Netbay Public Company Limited  Thailand
3.CJ OliveNetworks  South Korea
4.SecureAge Technology Co., Ltd.  Taiwan
5.FIFOTech  Bangladesh
6.Microsec  Singapore
7.Century Software (M) Sdn Bhd  Malaysia
8.Datacom Co., Ltd.  Laos
9.Ultimate Solutions Co., Ltd.  Myanmar
10.Vietnam Post and Telecommunication Corporation (VNPT) Vietnam

Outstanding User Organization Award

1.Kuno Kinzoku Industry Co., Ltd.  Japan
2.National Digital ID Company Limited (NDID)  Thailand
3.Ren Ci Hospital  Singapore
4.Sunway Group  Malaysia
5.Tan Long Group  Vietnam
6.Maruhan Japan Bank Lao  Laos

Digital Government Award

1.The Excise Department, Ministry of Finance  Thailand
2.Department of Information and Communication Technology (DoICT)  Bangladesh
3.Information Management Center of New Taipei City Government  Taiwan
4.DOUZONE BIZON  South Korea
5.Ministry of Manpower  Singapore
6.MyDIGITAL Corporation  Malaysia
7.Thua Thien Hue Province  Vietnam
8.E-Gov, Digital Government Center, MTC  Laos
9.Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement Myanmar

EdTech Award

1.Conicle Co., Ltd.  Thailand
2.Flying Cape Technologies  Singapore
3.Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia  Malaysia
4.FPT Polytechnic  Vietnam
6.GUSTO University  Myanmar

HealthTech Award

1.SK Inc.  South Korea
2.Ministry of Public Health  Thailand
3.Diabetic Association of Bangladesh  Bangladesh
4.Service Systems Technology Center, Industrial Technology Research Institute  Taiwan
5.iHEAL Medical Group Sdn Bhd  Malaysia
6.SB Lab Lao Green Pass Vaccine Management  Laos
7.OnDoctor Company Limited Myanmar

Cybersecurity Award

1.T-NET Co., Ltd.  Thailand
2.Doosan Digital Innovation  South Korea
3.Data Terminator Pte Ltd  Singapore
4.LGMS Berhad  Malaysia
5.Cyberus Sole Co., Ltd.  Laos
6.BKAV Corporation  Vietnam

Environmental, Social & Governance Award

1.iTrain Asia Pte. Ltd.  Singapore
2.Electricity Generation Authority of Thailand (EGAT)  Thailand
3.Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission  Bangladesh
4.Tatung System Technology Inc.  Taiwan
5.Lao Telecommunication Public Company Laos

Start-Up Award

1.Easy Rice Digital Technology Co., Ltd.  Thailand
2.LOCA Co., Ltd.  Laos
3.Base Enterprise Joint Stock Company Vietnam